Nikolai Kristensen

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor in Mechanics and Manufacturing and a Master in Electro-Mechanical System Design.

I have a great interest in robotics – I really like all the different kind of challenges that are related to robotics. And in extend to all the fun in the making of the robot, a problem is solved and you have helped another person to a better life! (or a more effective production line).

Apart from that I do a lot of different projects such as building my own furnitures or making my own loudspeakers. My interest are diverse and not fixed in one single subject and I like to work in both wood and metal – along with that I find electronics and control in general rather interesting.  

Of cause not all my life is about my projects, there is also my girlfriend who I love spending my time with, especially travelling which I have found to be an important part of my life. As you will realize, big parts of this blog will be of our travelling around the world but another I also hope to show you guys are all the cool projects I am doing at home – along with some of the the tools I have used in my studies and while doing my projects.


  • Loudspeakers – The Units

    Loudspeakers – The Units

    For a while now I have been considering building my own loudspeakers, partly because I think it would be a nice project and partly because I would like good sound in my living room. The project have been postponed, mostly because I have no experience in the field and didn’t know where to start – […]


  • LaTeX for report writing

    Throughout my studies at Aalborg University I have become familiar with the LaTeX environment for writing technical reports. The advantages I find from using LaTeX for technical documentation is: Great way of handling equations and in general the mathematical notation Great at sorting out references for equations, figures, tables, etc. Separation of style and content […]